We have arrived to West Virginia!

We made it!

Our family has officially moved from San Diego, CA to Harper’s Ferry, WV! Our move happened so fast and it has been a whirlwind of extreme chaos trying to get everything in order and keep my sanity at the same time. I want to thank all my clients for being very patient with me as we transitioned to our new home, I know I say this a lot but each and every one of you are truly amazing!

I am not sure where this photography business of mine will go, I have hopes to start it up over here in the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia and Maryland areas but I just don’t know yet. We are having a good time just getting to know the areas and taking it all in without thinking about the stresses of what I will be doing.:)My heart belongs to lots of things, teaching and forensic work to name a couple, so as for now we will just enjoy what we have and leave our journey in God’s hands.

I know I will be back to San Diego in the fall (September/Octoberish) to photograph families, get ready for those Christmas cards! I will send a mass email out to my clients, if you would like to receive an email for fall packages and dates, please shoot me a message at reynasheltonphotography@gmail.com and I will be sure to add you to the list!

I will still be hanging around this blog of mine, posting personal pictures and thoughts, now that I have the time to do so.:)Who knows, maybe I will dive right in and start photographing families in this beautiful part of our country! Stay tuned… -Reyna

(and because a post is no fun without pictures, here are a few of my son exploring the river. They even have sea shells over here! That is sooooo San Diego! 😉 )

ReynaSheltonPhoto-San Diego Family Photography_2064.jpg
ReynaSheltonPhoto-San Diego Family Photography_2065.jpg
ReynaSheltonPhoto-San Diego Family Photography_2058.jpg
ReynaSheltonPhoto-San Diego Family Photography_2059.jpg
ReynaSheltonPhoto-San Diego Family Photography_2062.jpg
ReynaSheltonPhoto-San Diego Family Photography_2060.jpg
ReynaSheltonPhoto-San Diego Family Photography_2061.jpg

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